We are determined and committed to continuously work and improve the safety of our employees and facilities on our sites and to protect and safeguard our environment in line with our company’s fundamental objectives of sustainable development.

MAGESPRO’s investment in CSR and sustainable development works hand in hand with our belief that civil society also has a role to play in behavioral change.

At each stage of its activity, MAGESPRO identifies the key issues and the stake holders mainly concerned. We are able to analyze how we can exercise our broader responsibility along the value chain, both upstream and downstream, and execute the

Together with a global approach integrating environmental aspects, our motivation is to guarantee the achievement of objectives at controlled costs.

To achieve these goals, we focus our HSE policy on the following commitments and strategic actions:

■  Total compliance with country specific laws and regulations.
■  Meet the requirements of our customers in terms of Safety and Environment.
■  Identify, evaluate and reduce health, safety and environmental risks related to activities that could affect our staff or our contractors.
■  Acquire and use equipment in compliance with the standards and regulations in place concerning safety and environmental protection.
■  Provide training and awareness to all staff on-sites on all Security & Environment aspects.
■  Implement the structure required for medical follow-up for all our staff.
■  Control our energy consumption in order to protect natural resources.
■  Control our waste, by optimizing the management of our waste by controlled disposal.
■  Maintain a high level of environmental and safety requirements with our staff and our clients.