With significant experience in project management, the MAGESPRO management team has perfectly mastered the different stages of the real estate.

We assist our clients in the technical realization of their real estate investment by ensuring compliance with applicable rules and deadlines while seeking a better control of implementation costs.

MAGESPRO coordinates dedicated teams and different parties during the study phase, the consultation with the companies, the setting up of the work contracts

The Project Management Assistance therefore starts upstream with the decision makers, the program and the expertise of the technical solutions and then leads onto the final execution. In light of the

The assignment can be meticulous or have a general character. We advise, propose, support during the different phases of the project. The owner remains the

All dimensions of Project Management (structuring, deadlines, costs, risks, resources …) are integrated with the purpose of allowing the customer to have – at all times – a clear vision of the progress and therefore be integral to anticipate the needs and to respect the objectives.

Through our Scheduling, Direction and Coordination of assignments, MAGESPRO guides the organization and the general coordination of the stakeholders, the planning of all their actions on the building site, the management of documents and the control of the information.

We are a proactive partner to our customers in the success of their operations. For more than a decade we have developed effective methods of work

■  Administrative: anticipation and follow-up of the steps to be taken.
■  Technical: project optimization – quality of work.
■  Financial: maintenance and optimization of budget constraints.
■  Timeframe: stakeholder conduct – maintenance and optimization of deadlines.

The services of specialists are required forthe numerous constraints and particularities of the construction sector, as well as the importance of securing a heavy real estate investment. MAGESPRO is based on technical expertise and cost control acquired during the realization of a number of major projects, Therefore advising you on the economic choices, the type of markets or contracts to adopt and finally assisting you in negotiations.

We ensure construction economics for all parties, including those from conception of design by describing the materials to use along with some technological choices and their financial and running costs to ensure cost-effective operations through the necessary follow- ups

Our integrated software packages for graphicalpossible of the cost of the project or program.
With a detailed and global view of costs, our consulting engineers are aware of the regulations in force which may have an impact on the choices of materials or techniques used. They therefore are able to propose solutions when technical or economic difficulties occur. We can then guarantee the technical and financial feasibility of a project, as well as respecting the budget.

Our role is decisive in the financial success of the project: it is used to validate schedules and cash flow forecasts, financial follow-ups, evaluation of the value of work and authorization of progressive disbursements.

At the heart of issues related to quality, we offer a service for and between real estate professionals, a real body dedicated to improving standards in the act of

The main objective is to help the project owners to check the traditional values of all control points present on their site, from the

■  Non-conformities
■  Control checklists
■  Optimization of productivity

Through a rigorous and tested methodology, MAGESPRO takes care of the diligences to be carried out before the provisional delivery of the work in order to establish the technical PV, in accordance with the manual of the acts of delivery of the owner. The latter can thus optimize the overall.

The information processed is crucial for the progress of the project. The volumes of data to be managed are important and require the use of dedicated tools.

Planning tools, Budget Tracking, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), biometric access control technologies, time management software … are all tools available for our customers. We also offer a tailor-made solution for a defined need, by taking a close look at the customer’s processes and capitalizing on the achievements of all our projects.

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In order to organize and manage the flow of information and documents better during the life of the site, our team has developed a GED solution made accessible to the owner and all stakeholders.
ProNet Cloud TM implements a system of indexing, filing and distribution of documents. Our solutions allow gains in quality and cost quickly for the Owner.
The CRM module integrates a management tool for tracking and raising reserves, configurable according to the validation process of the owner and allowing secure access dedicated to the teams.
It allows archiving of reserves found from the OPR phase to delivery and after sales. Statistical reports, rate of raising of reserves, reserved by company or parties.